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    Karissa Klotsche




    Master Certified

    Tanning Professional





    Our mission is to provide quality organic mobile tanning to clients in the Monterey Bay Area. If you want to feel good about yourself and look years younger, treat yourself to our custom spray tan. We focus on our clients' health and well-being by avoiding the use of harmful UV rays, and getting the same result much faster. Those harmful UV rays are replaced with cutting-edge and award-winning, sunless organic products that contain vitamins and antioxidants that moisturize and nourish your skin.


    While helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles, cellulite, varicose veins and skin discoloration, such as redness and other skin imperfections, Carmel Spray Tan’s Certified Mobile service customizes that perfect natural looking shade you’ve been needing and wanting.


    We are dedicated to customizing a sunless tan to the specific needs of our clients. After careful evaluation, we will vary the shade, depth and color of the tan according to your skin type and preference.


    All spray tans include the following:


    * Complimentary color consultation.

    * Variety of color choices for all skin types.

    * Hand application from our state-of-the-art High Volume Low Pressure spray gun and equipment.

    * Warm air dry off.


    You will dress immediately after our application, thanks to this new HVLP turbine technology which also reduces spray time down to 5 minutes.


    We use the same organic solution used on "Dancing with the Stars!"


    We bring our spray tan pop-up tent with a gap in the back where we put an extraction fan with a filter. This filter catches all the overspray so there is virtually no mess. We can set up anywhere you feel comfortable: kitchen, bathroom, living room, garage or even outside, if it's not too windy. Or your Hotel room if you're in town for a wedding or special event. All we need is an electrical outlet and decent lighting!


    Our pricing applies for mobile appointments within Monterey county.

    (For appointments outside Monterey county, a modest surcharge will apply)

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    Get the perfect tan in less than 10.


    Our Signature offering: A full-body custom spray tan.


    We are dedicated to customizing a sunless tan to the specific needs of our clients. After careful evaluation, we will vary the shade, depth and color of the tan according to your skin type and preference.

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    On the run? Shower within 1-3 hours and be on your way.


    If you're headed to a last minute party or wedding, this is a great way to get a quick and healthy sunless glow.  To achieve this, we use a special Rapid Solution and you can shower within hours instead of having to wait until the next morning. The quality and results are the same.


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    Wedding or Special Event?

    Get the girls together for some tanning and champagne.


    You and three of your friends get to sip on a complimentary bottle of champagne, snack on palatable hors d'oeuvres, gift bags and host a spray tanning "glow party."  Each additional friend gets sprayed for only $25. The host tans for free!


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    On a budget and in school? 


    Simply provide your student ID and take advantage of our discount. 



    Choose your plan


    BEFORE -- 

    • Shave and exfoliate at least 24 hours in advance.
    • NO lotions, perfumes or deodorants 24 hours in advance.
    • Wax and mani/pedi should always be done prior to appointment, NOT after.
    • Come prepared with loose fitted clothing and flip flops.  Ideal outfit is a dark colored maxi dress.
    • The better you exfoliate prior to appointment, the longer your tan will last. 


    DURING --

    • What you wear during your tan is up to you. You may go nude or wear underwear/bathing suit.
    • We will provide a disposable thong as another option.
    • If you choose to wear something during your tan, we ask you to make sure you place it where you want your tan lines to be.


    AFTER --

    • If you feel wet anywhere, please let us know.
    • Avoid perspiration, showering, lotion and perfume for at least 6-8 hours, preferably until the following day. For a Skinny Dip, the delay should be 1-3 hours.
    • Warm water rinse only for the first 2 days.  After that, no harsh soaps or face creams.
    • Deodorant, powder foundation and makeup are okay to apply after; however, a one hour delay after your tan recommended.
    • Do not wear a bra for at least 1-2 hours after your tan.
    • Do not wash your hands for at least 2 hours after your tan.
    • Try to moisturize at least once a day (twice preferred) to prolong the life of your tan.
    • Expect your hands and face to fade faster due to frequent washing.
    • Do not exfoliate for at least one week and try to shave as little as possible.

    You will be provided with these written instructions when you finish.  


    Follow these tips and your tan should last a minimum of 14 days or longer. Your tan will last longer than most because I use proprietary techniques developed from my Master's Certification Course. 


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